Millionaires In Motion is a podcast that dives into the stories of extraordinary enterpreneurs.  
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We want to help you tell that story. Our podcast inspires and educates entrepreneurs and ingites that "no turning back" fire within. Apply now to be part of the Millionaires In Motion Podcast.
Most successful entrepreneurs recall a time when they reached a point of NO RETURN.  When they knew there was no turning back.  When they would either win, or perish.  If this is you, we would like to share your journey with our audience. 
We are a non-profit educational podcast that teaches and inspires the next generation about the entrepreneurial dream and challenges them to develop the skills they need to succeed.
Join us in following the journeys and lessons learned from the everyday entrepreneur.
What You Can Expect:
  • Professional Quality Audio and Video: Every episode is professionally recorded and edited for maximum  audience value – you pay NOTHING.
  • Shareable Link : Once the show is complete, you'll receive a link to share with your connections.
  • ​Hosts Nick and Todd will help you every step of the way: If telling your story feels a bit intimidating, Nick & Todd will guide you through the podcasting landscape.
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"Had a great time"

Loved spending time with these guys. What a great opportunity to tell my story and expand my reach.
- Brian Hennessey
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